Every October 4th, Sisters In Spirit Vigils:

  • Honour the lives of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls;
  • Support grieving families and provide opportunities for healing; and,
  • Is a movement for social change.

Virtual Candlelight Vigil 2015

Each year on October 4th communities across Canada come together to honour the lives of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls. As we do so, we remember the lives of sisters, daughters, mothers and grandmothers tragically taken from us.

Each candle is a beacon of hope and strength.

Candles Lit In 2014: 292
Candles Lit In 2013: 323
Candles Lit In 2012: 624
Candles Lit In 2011: 141

We Remember

As we read the reports and fact sheets, learn of the roots causes and trends and familiarize ourselves with the circumstances of violence that has led to disappearance and death, we must never forget that each number represents the story of a woman or girl who is loved and missed by her family.

NWAC has been honoured to share the life stories of Amber Redman, Beatrice Sinclair, Claudette Osborne, Daleen Kay Bosse (Muskego), Danita BigEagle, Debbie Sloss, Delores Whiteman, Georgina Papin, Gladys Tolley, Lisa Marie Young, Nina Courtepatte, Shelley Joseph, and Terrie Ann Martin (Dauphinais). These are the stories of mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and sisters. Stories of beautiful women and girls with hopes, dreams, and gifts.

Tragically, too many stories illustrate the social and economic marginalization of Aboriginal women in Canada. While some of their stories reveal experiences of poverty, abuse or addictions—issues often associated with increased vulnerability or so-called ‘high-risk’ lifestyles—many of these women and girls were ‘vulnerable’ only insofar as they were Aboriginal women. We agree with other knowledge seekers that these women were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time in a society that poses a risk to their safety. They were targeted because they were Aboriginal, and it was assumed that either they would not fight back or they would not be missed.

Below are the life stories that have been gifted to NWAC by their family members. Their stories reflect some of the experiences and impacts faced by women, girls and their families. But most of all, they are a reminder that Aboriginal women and girls are strong, beautiful, proud and loved.

Life stories

Amber's Story   L'histoire de Amber
Beatrice's Story L'histoire de Beatrice
Danita's Story  L'histoire de Danita
Daleen's Story  L'histoire de Daleen
Debbie's Story L'histoire de Debbie
Delores' Story L'histoire de Delores
Georgina's Story  L'histoire de Georgina
Gladys' Story L'histoire de Gladys
Lisa's Story L'histoire de Lisa
Nina's Story L'histoire de Nina