Every October 4th, Sisters In Spirit Vigils:

  • Honour the lives of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls;
  • Support grieving families and provide opportunities for healing; and,
  • Is a movement for social change.

Virtual Candlelight Vigil 2015

Each year on October 4th communities across Canada come together to honour the lives of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls. As we do so, we remember the lives of sisters, daughters, mothers and grandmothers tragically taken from us.

Each candle is a beacon of hope and strength.

Candles Lit In 2014: 292
Candles Lit In 2013: 323
Candles Lit In 2012: 624
Candles Lit In 2011: 141


The Dedication Page is a place where we remember the lives of our Aboriginal mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties and grandmothers. Each one holds a special place in our hearts. They are truly and deeply loved and they will never be forgotten.

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2013 Dedications

You are strong. You are loved. You are remembered.
- JK

Always thinking of our sisters in spirit-hope this candle brings warmth, light when it is dark and the ability to see the faces of those that are here right beside you hoping and praying too.

That we might share our light with those who've lost hope.

I will hold them and their families in my heart. I can only imagine how they feel, being a Mother of three daughters, an Aunt to seven nieces.
- PK from

Love & support to all

To all the women who's lives have been filled with suffering
- CS

she is loved and missed
- DD


For all the women that went missing on the Highway of Tears, Highway 16 in British Columbia. Gone but not forgotten! *****SMUDGE*****
- CN-L from WNAC

My heart goes out to each and everyone of you. I promise to do my part to try and help put a stop to violence against aboriginal woman/children, and I wont stop fighting until something is done! god bless
- VP

With Hope in Remembrance of my sisters
- dme

My heart and souls goes out to the families. I promise to do my bit in stopping this atrocity and calling for justice.
- DS from NWI

May the family and friends of lost loved ones find peace and hope through support from this site. In thoughts and prayers to all

With gratitude and admiration for the strength of those who survive, thrive, and witness.
- SS

For Miyo-W_hk_htowin

I have attended a vigil in Peterborough - raining so holding umbrellas not candles - I heard the names read and was very moved for so many lost.
- RS from CFUW

<3 <3 never forgotten <3 <3
- Normy

Never forgotten!!
- Nrmy

For all missing women!
- JD

For the families.
- jmg

We need to do everything we can to protect our daughters.

To all the Nishnabek Woman whos hearts have been broken; may you find strength for your spirit to spread the word which can lead to action.

I am so sorry to hear the injustice in this story. I hope for some happiness for all the people that the blue candles represent.

Each of us are of great value. Live and Love.
- MG

In memory of those lost

Stay strong

Forever in our hearts
- Cgear

Remembering the victims

Marcia you left too soon...Still missing you!

- AW

Love sent.
- TO

Sending strength, courage, and hope
- fk from i

Sister in law Shelley Joseph and friend Paula Martin
- tm

In Memory of our Haudenosaune women from the Two Row Times. www.tworowtimes.com
- GP from TRT

Gone but never forgotten

taking time to remember your heartache and loss for the families grieving. will wipe away your tears with the softest doeskin, give you clear water to drink to clear your voice, and open your ears to hear. *HUGS*
- Nan from TRT

I dedicate this candle to Melinda Sheppit, who was murdered and then thrown into a dumpster like a piece of trash. She was a beautiful soul who left before her time at the tender age of 15
- ST

Candle of hope for Maisy and Shannon

To all Aboriginal women whose lives were taken away too soon. I cry for you and for the loved ones that have been so deeply hurt by the trauma of losing you in such a treacherous manner. Your beautiful spirit lives on. Godspeed!
- ES

With love and unity!
- AEES from AFFC

To All of my sisters who won't be coming home.I love you.When I sing at the water I simg for you.
- TE from INM

let us find our Daughters, Sisters, Mothers, Aunties, Grandmothers and friends and bring them home <3

Wishing for Peace and Serenity
- DJS from AOMPS

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4
- S.F.

This is for all the women that have been sexually abused/assaulted. I am going to the police tonight to report a crime committed against me from 1977 to 1979. This is part of my healing; IT IS NEVER TOO LATE!
- AC

For all the missing and murdered Aboriginal woman and girls,you are not forgotten!
- D.G

For all ou sisters
- light


Remembering Our Sisters

To our Dearest Baby Girl, Denise Bourdeau, Never a day goes by that we don't think of you at least once a day. Sweetie you are Always Loved and Always Missed. Love mum and dad, <3, <3, <3.
- GAM from S I S

Hope you are now at peace even though you left a hole in our hearts.
- mh

Thank you for this dedication page. May we find that recognition and healing for our missing and passed sisters. May we live on this planet in peace and fairness.
- CQ

This is dedicated to everyone who has lost a loved one. You are in my thoughts. Stay strong and never lose hope.

In hope that no woman or girl will ever again be lost to us.
- PM from RR

I still see your smiling face and hear your laughter. Miss ya cuz :( Gone but not forgotten
- Sonya

Blessings and prayers to all our missing sister's and the families who are left to sadly deal with this sadness. May you find peace and comfort.
- F H

I'm sorry for our, and their children's loss of each womyn's universe on earth. i'm sure they are, like my loved ones, in pure bliss at one with all the spirit and life on Earth. I'm sorry, too, that i don't do more to help.
- i.r.

I hope that the poeple of Canada can come to an understanding that 1 missing/murdered Aboriginal woman is too many and something must be done to alleviate the pain of the families of the over 500 missing/murdered Aboriginal women in our country.
- NB

In memory of those who have lost their lives.
- FB from MO

All my relations
- JK

Hope, Faith, Love
- SLR from USGE

- SCKH from AICH

Sending strength and love

May justice and peace be found for the families who have lost a loved on
- BAC from AI

Lighting this candle is in honor of Simone Sanderson who will always be loved, missed and remembered for the young and beautiful lady she was.
- NC

My grandmother Martine Magdalene Mikkelsen

Together we will bring justice for our sisters.
- SMc from CFS

My prayers are with the families of missing woman.
- hcjm

You are in our thoughts and prayers - you will never be forgotten
- JR from CWL

With the hope of one day having equality and justice
- MJ

All missing found, all women safe.

Yvonne Abel-Desjarlais-Michel
- JKT from GPFC

My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with all the women & children & families affected by this tragedy.
- BCB from CWC

always in our hearts, forever in our memory
- E.A.T from ClCC

For all those who were lost or taken too soon.
- RG from HH

With you all year.
- BR

Im Memory of Marissa Duck ..Luv you chickie to the max <3
- JIMM from WPG

for my cousin Patricia Carpenter!, Alderville First Nation, Ontario
- PC

To all the Women who lost their lives too soon...
- RLT from OFC

STEPHANIE MARIE LANE My beautiful baby girl, so loved so missed, mom

For my mother MARJORIE VEDAN, mother in-law LAURA DAYRIDER and my sisters whom were taken before their time was up. You live on through me and I will not let your memory be forgotten.
- LoriV

Ida, Isabel
- ws from ncnw

No more Love, Louise
- LL

I wish the gouvernment launches an independent inquiry into the deaths of First Nations, Métis and Inuit women
- CMoor from NDP

Hope springs eternal, and rests within my heart for my missing Aboriginal sisters.

always in my spirit and always with me in my journey.....love you
- lp from csc

I walk with Peace and Love and I Honor You this way.

Peaceful rest to those that we lost; hope and light for those that remain.
- Joey

This candle I am lighting in memory of all those who have lost their lives in one way or another.
- SK

Solidarity with indigenous communities fighting for justice for their women and girls.
- adhc

Hope, love and faith..together we are strong
- C.L.C

To my aboriginal mother who lived in fear of someone finding out she was aboriginal.

- mfc from CSC

There is beauty in the broken - thank you for sharing in my humanity. Keep holding on. We can do better.

In support of all who have lost a loved one, for my sister Bernadine will always remember your spirited ways.
- PAT from KARBI

Ten years ago Anne was murdered. I can still see her beautiful smile. The loss of her life has created a massive void in the life of her family, friendship circle and workplace.
- AW from NAWN

Honouring the missing and murdered Aboriginal women; and addressing the issue through the Joint Working Group on Violence Against Aboriginal Women.
- TP from OWD

dedicated to all the lost, stolen and forgotten women and children in Canada's holocaust of Aboriginal peoples.

A light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.
- LS

My heart, thoughts and prayers go to all those women and girls who have lost their lives and to their families.
- B.A.D

Never forgotten
- Msk

Never forgoten
- RAMV from GR

Love to all
- J*B from YHP

we will find all of you...have faith and hope...lady cherokee angel

towards a better world...
- cm

i love and miss you so much

Aktionsgruppe Indianer & Menschenrechte, a German based support organization for the rights of Indigenous Peoples in North America has been supporting the Sisters in Spirit campaign for years and we are continuing...
- AGIM from AGIM


for all those missing loved ones out there
- tlm

2012 Dedications

for all our native sisters in esgenoopetitj
- lp from bcfn

sandra henry remembered by her family and grand daughter
- se

for all our native sisters in esgenoopetitj
- lp from bcfn

This is for you, Hilary
- BM

My Prayers & thoughts r with u always....
- GH

Always in our hearts. Never to be forgotten.
- JC

To My Grandparents, John & Christy Peebles.
- CB

In loving memory to the many mothers, sisters, aunties, daughters, grand-daughters, and friends who are not with us today - know that you are truly missing and deeply loved.
- IG from NWAC

- HW

- GT

Alberta Williams unsolved murder in Prince Rupert BC

we remember all of our people.
- TA from CCAS

LIghting the way to heal and be well.
- Zell

kelly little
- kl from sfn

for all the lost and missimg sisters. PEI

Will be always remembered...
- EH from NWAC

In memory of our many life givers lost at the hands of senseless violence kiera
- x1a2p

For all those in need...
- CM from FNIGC

Heather Hamel - Kamloops BC
- jm

je vous encourage tres gros! bravo
- bf

May the spirits be at peace and may spiritual direction be felt to help put the victimizers where they belong
- mj

marilyn pegahmagabow
- kp

At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for postnig!
- tSMHN from hsmrJ

Aboriginal women are loved and valued.

Every person who passes into and from the earth leaves behind a footprint. My heart goes out to those who candles burned for too short a time, as well as their loved one.
- CSM from FMS

Thinking of those who have gone, thinking of those we should protect.

In Solidarity

When sleeping women wake, mountains move.
- CM

My thoughts are with you all - in spirit, in solidarity and in hope as we strive for solace, justice and peace.

In memory of all our missing and murdered sisters. United, we stand in the glow of these beacons of light so you may find your way . Pease and safe journey.
- CO

We remember and stand in solidarity.
- KH from SFCSC

to all the missing/murderd women that died from domestic viloence in ontario

Missing you mom.
- LAH from AO

Phenomenal breakdown of the topic, you sohlud write for me too!
- uZoDB from VEGSd

The ladies from Wasauksing First Nation, formerly Parry Island. I hope we share your stories more often and support each other as family and community, much love, Kellie King
- KK from WFN

I hope for my community to be a peaceful and secure place for all women and girls to reach their full potential, to experience equity and opportunity, to never have to experience violence and hopelessness.

For my auntie, more than thirty years have passd you are in our hearts and precious memories. Love you. To my cousin who is still missing may the creator embrace and guide you back to family.
- JN from AHLS

remembering all my sisters at this time and always, you are never forgotten.

Am thinking of the families who miss their loved one.
- MLS from NCWC

In honour of all our the missing/murdered women, I will not forget, I will cotinue to work towards educating our people to prevent further losses. Rest in Peace - Come Home Safe!!
- MD

Love and Light for all native women.

we work together with Aboriginal women to end violence - we will never stop
- CP from GBVPC

In memory of our sisters!
- N.B. from OSAC

Thinking of all those Women who's beauty was taken from this world... you will never be forgotten.
- CB from WHSBG

As I light this candle and honour the memories of those who have been lost, I also remember and honour all of the amazing women who work every day to create a more just, loving, and peaceful world.
- EWS from BTS

In solidarity ...

Remembering my late sister Helen Elizabeth
- JC

In memory of my mother.
- SW

We remember and will not forget!
- JHS from VAW

The loss is so great, my heartfelt condolences and love to the families and friends of the women and girls who are murdered or missing. I will keep this tragic reality in mind and keep spreading the word.
- CM from Rose

Remembering you always Cindy.
- mjr

To my mother, and all mothers and daughters, that we find it in ourselves to appreciate each other as the unique, beautiful women that we all are.
- MW

To my dear friend Dora, whose life was ended so ahead of time, she was only 17
- Dora

In memory of my mom

- MkM

Respect for the fallen.

i pledge. end violence today.
- jy from AFN

Prayers to the families of the Sisters, Mothers, Aunties and Grandmothers lost and missing.
- SMC from PWC

I will not rest until you memory is acknowledged and your cases are investigated and solved. Your light will always shine in the hearts of those you loved and cared for and who loved and cared for you
- E J H

I love you, Mom (Edith McGinnis) Henderson...I love and miss you Mama!
- DMA from MMW

My parents lost sisters and mothers to racism in WWII, and came to Canada looking for safety. Your pain is a reminder that we must never stop holding vigil.

mom you will always be in my heart, when i see a butterfly or a cardinal i feel that you are near me.
- hj

To all the forgotten!
- CP

To all the forgotten!
- CP

A tribute to those who have shared our lives and passed on. Keep your loved ones close to your heart and cherish the now.

"It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness." - Eleanor Roosevelt

For all the women who were lost.
- MD

to Aunt Louise
- cp

May their spirits glow in peace and tranquility
- DAJMD from CAP

In Memory of my grandmothers, Maria and Susan. Strong and caring women!
- ab from gh

Always remembered - all ways remembered
- CMc

So raise your candles high, cause if we don't, we could stay black against the night, You've got to raise them higher again and if you do we can stay dry against the rain candles in the rain by Melanie Saffton
- CN

In rememberande of all women
- dp

remembering we are all sisters and the loss of one hurts all
- jb

I remember Charlene Catholique from Lutsel K'e, NWT. Also Fonessa Bruyere from Winnipeg. May you both rest in peace knowing you are not forgotten.

Please, no more...
- Bjd

God help all of us who morn deeply to find peace and healing in those around us

I am filled with sadness for the lost and hope for the survivors.

ALL women are beautiful, worthy, valuable, and lovable. Blessings to ALL.

WOMEN will not rest until your LOSS is RESOLVED
- D O'S from LOVE

Together we cann help.
- LH from PCWM

In remembrance of my mother, whose life was hard, who died too young and who never had the opportunity to reach her true potential.

In loving memory of Roxanne and Fonessa RIP.
- CB

To our beloved and ever loved ones, in the spirit world, you walk forever in beauty and love!

To all the women that I have had the pleasure of meeting through the Vernon Women's Centre. Stay Safe!!!

In memory of Lisa Young
- LB

I light this candle in honour of the missing and murdered Aboriginal women of Canada and their loved ones, who can only hold them in their hearts. I hope we as a Nation can find the strength and wisdom needed to stop the violence and save our sisters.
- HET from HRC

Aboriginal women are a gift from the Creator. They deserve honour and love. My hope, for future generations most of all, is that the violence will end.
- BRD from ONWA

Our hearts are with you.
- as

remembering my cousin Gladys Simon
- Fac

Tears are not enough...Justice is needed to bring healing.
- GD

danke liebe mama
- kk

We will continue to call for social change until we see it and can feel it in our bones.
- nw from AI

In my thoughts every day.
- BTV from STU

To CFW from LMW. I remember and love you. I need your strength more than ever now and you are always with me.
- CFW from EMC

Although I don't know who you are, you are important to me. I said a prayer to honour your memory and to ask God for answers.

Because I care
- PT

kind thoughts and prayers to all the familes of lost ones.
- PCG from PSAC

lost but not forgotten

lighting a candle for myself, my family, my indigenous sisters in spirit and around the world. universal love, peace and blessings.
- hms

For all who go before their time
- JWG from NBCC

ma, i love you.. miss you much..
- felov

they now fly on eagle wings and we remember them with love and respect..
- mmlmb

breaking the silence... making our voices heard
- Haida

I've written to PM Harper - may we make more progress in the coming year in finding justice and peace for First Nations women - and all women in Canada and around the world.
- BH from AI

We value all of you.

May the Lord be with them as they endure these trials.
- RG

With deep bows.

Prayers & thoughts to you all!
- JK

Today we remember with love those who are no longer with us and commit to making positive change to end the cycles of violence in our communities.

Seeking guidance to give us strength to uphold all of the ancient wisdom of Love; to live in equanimity with all, seeking healthy mind, body and spiritual connections. ALL my relations. <3
- -jme- from PKFN

I'm not Aboriginal but I am a white Canadian male who stands in solidarity against violence against women. I understand the problem is greater than I understand. I will use the privileges afforded to me to make this an issues for all.

All daughters, sons and mothers, fathers that mourn and search for their loved one...missing or murdered...
- TC

One Love to Unite Us
- LT from IAAP

This candle is for all the lost women and girls you are not forgotten
- CD

In remembrance of the flames that have been snuffed out too soon and for the families left to grieve.

We will never be able to say "I'm sorry" enough. We are working to raise awareness and address the pervasive injustice in Canada. Miigwetch
- kc from CSU

I am praying for 3 poor souls who have been missing or murdered. One was a relative of mine.

To my grandmothers who are greatly missed
- hef

Too many have been taken. I promise to work every day to strengthen the young women I work with.
- PM

forever remembered.

Indigenous Women are Loved and Valued
- RAC from M.E.N

May you all find the answers and find peace

with love and respect. I hope these women are at peace.
- AS

Hilary Bonnell <3
- lpl from HB

For justice and peace.
- SRG from AI

Thoughts and prayers to families that are missing their loved ones.
- MSD from UNBC

Helen Hallmark. Never forgotten.
- HH

remebering ramona, lana and tamara
- r

In honor of Hilary Bonnell. You were taken too early, I pray your at peace and the justice system will help bring healing and closure to our family
- dh

We shall rise above the discrimination.
- RK

In memory of the strong and beautiful women who have faced terrific struggles daily.
- SH

We will remember you Hillary and pray for justice for you.

Thoughts and Prayers to all those who have lost a loved one or are looking for a missing loved one.
- JP

Gone but not forgotten. I wish your families peace and will continue to work for social change in your honour.
- SF from IP

Today the Union of Ontario Indians coordinated a 10 km Walk which we dedicated to our Sisters in Spirit. Tamra Keepness, Maisy Odjick and Shannon Alexander...today I walked for you.
- LMS from UOI

Remembering Charlene with love in our hearts.
- lm

I remember, I will never forget my sisters!

My prayers and thoughts go out to ALL people who have tragically lost a loved one through violence and murder.
- mmrb from nwac

Remembering and honouring our sisters in spirit.
- SS

Thinking & Praying for protection for all women of all races - aboriginal & non-aboriginal.
- BLD from NBCC

My thoughts and prayers go out to all families of missing and murdered women and children. I also pray for protection for all of our women and children in our families and communities today.
- RM from AMC

to the gradmothers i never knew
- kh

We miss you, we love you and we will never forget you.

For our missing friends, sisters, mothers, aunties and cousins. We miss you and think of you often.

For all those lost soles, know just how much you are missed. To all the families who have lost a family member, our prayers go out to you.
- PCG from UOI

For all of the families who need some prayers today and everyday

With the prayer that human kindness and love will outshine those whose hearts have forgotten
- m.l.

we will always remember you, you were taken so early and mean so much!<3
- HM

Each and everyone of us is beautiful and worthy, peace
- ss

Normal Wells NWT
- ml

You are heard. You are appreciated. You are LOVED. You are REMEMBERED.
- HJ

For all in my family and for all others in this Universal planet that have made a transition, my love and light goes with them all as we are all one family.
- M2wlf

I wish everyone finds their own strength to fight or help!
- BL


For all the children whose teachers did their best but hurt them without knowing, for healing and recovery of dignity and pleasure in the small graces of each day, and the power of community and tradition
- wjm

My sincerest expression of hope and strength to all those who grieve the loss of the Stolen Sisters. I hope we can educate others to stop such violence and see everyone treated with equal respect.

Much love, respect and solidarity to those who stand up, speak out, fight for justice and defend the memory of their loved ones taken.

In rememberence of Lil.

Edith McGinnis Quagon My grandmother whom I never had the blessing of meeting, but blessed me with my wonderful mother.

Loved you, will love you always!

Thoughts and prayers to all those who have lost a loved one.
- CR from ABL

To my little sis
- dlm

be strong and safe and united
- lmw

In memory of my mother, Evelyn Longpeter
- ac from OCF


We must not rest until all of our lost sisters are found. Meegwetch

Don't give up Hope, Love will find a way and give you strength to carry on.
- hr

Never forgotten.

For all the women, girls and families that have suffered

I am she. She is me.

For the spirits that may now find peace. For the loved ones who may now find comfort. For the community that may learn strength.
- p Mc

To my First Nations sisters and their families, may you find strength amidst the sorrow.

To all of the lost sisters, this candle lit is for your memory .... may the tears be replaced with light
- MA

To all the grandmothers, mothers, aunties, sisters, daughters, and friends that have been taken from us. Especially to all those who continue to struggle today.

To all the strong women found by the highways of our cities whose names become numbers...but not today, not anymore

Mom, Grandma and Great-Grandma

Keeping close to our hearts, the family of Adele in Pic River this being their 25th year of her being stolen from their lives. Thank you for participating in our Vigil, it was an honour to have you with us.
- md from APS

This is for Gloria Assin. I didn't know her but she died Sep 23,2012 at 2:am near Kenora. She was a "prisoner" in the back of an OPP cruiser and it crashed. Gloria was from Grassy Narrows.
- EM

As women and men we need to stand together until as society no violence against any woman is acceptable.
- CR

This candle is a symbol of my support, love and hope for all of our Stolen Sisters, and for their families and all those affected by this devastating loss. Gone but never forgotten. May your spirit live on.
- JRH from NWAC

I hope for a brighter future for all women. I hope that no one will have to experience the loss of a mother, sister, daughter, aunt, grandma, taken too early
- MH

My heart felt sympathy to all the families who are missing a loved one! My thoughts & prayers go out to you.
- VR

In Memory of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women. In Memory of women who are lost and hadn't found their way home and live in homeless shelters, I pray for you safety back home where you family is waiting Amen
- MN from NWANT

sending tons of love <3
- roxy

my prayers are with all the families

Praying for all those who never made it home to their families <3

praying for change so that we dont have to loose anymore of our beautiful women <3

In prayer and spirit, you are not alone and never forgotten
- SAW from FNFC

In memory of Brenda
- BF

For Annie Mae
- LF

No woman should suffer abuse at the hands of another. My thoughts are with all those who have lost a loved one. May God bless and keep them wrapped in His arms.

i remember you bernadette
- mb

To all missing women in the world. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and to all that are deceased may you R.I.P
- KGC from UOI

Just hoping for acceptance and mutual respect worldwide...

FOr those who have been lost and those that are still with us.
- MR

We shall remember.
- AM

wishing for better, cuz
- kll from nwc

You are loved and remembered

May Light heal us all.
- ML

May the Angels of Healing & Compassion be with those who have gone missing & their families until they meet again. Amen & Blessings ~ G-d's Secret Angel :-) XO

This candle is for my ancestors, Mom, two nieces, and a young friend who was murdered because she was pregnant.
- BGM from GREAT

For my future grandchildren. May they know a life without violence
- Ccg

For Diana
- eb

Because every woman is important to make life on Earth Beautiful, we will march and act to end violence against our women.
- Qc from FAQ

... that we will all look out for each other.

Against all odds, Indigenous women remain strong. Be proud.

We can and will rise above. We will show them that we are better than that! It is in us, we just need to find it for ourselves.
- mh

I dedicate this to all aboriginal girls and women throughout North America; we are all affected by the loss, so lets stand in strength to ensure the safety of the next generation of vulnerable girls and women.

sisters in spirit...all of us...
- MY from MNCRC

It has to get better, now the silence is receding.
- ERP from mcb

gone but never forgotten
- lgm

I am thinking of Indigenous persons living in Canada and their family members and friends that have become missing and I vow as a non-Indigenous person to make more Canadians aware of this systemic issue.

Never forgotten.
- DL

This is a most useful conrtbiution to the debate
- VkVhY from woEkC

We walk together side by side supporting one another in love.
- DE

for everything thats ever happened.
- tc

To all my sisters, may you rest in peace, knowing you are loved, missed, cherished, if you are scared, find the light, go stand in that pure light, may you be blessed, purified, & released. Amen.
- BPR from H.W.

Us humans, we are much more capable that this; let's make violence a thing of the past, let peace, love and understanding take it's place
- FR

Hats off to whoeevr wrote this up and posted it.
- qaWoL from GDyII

To 2nd class and Ms Hallinan.Well done to all the children who took part and atndteed the Do This in Memory of Me Mass on the 2nd Oct. Keep up the good work. You should be proud of yourselves.Regards Erne1n Rowland
- UJRiA from pOOWr

For those who can no longer have their voice heard, let our voices be that light that chases the darkness and shares the love in our hearts.
- JH from ECSU

Never will I forget.
- LB

Forever stand united.
- CKP from CFS

My thoughts and prayers are with you all on your journey of healing
- kl

I hope that Canada can change to protect Aboriginal women and girls.
- EB

To all those who have lost loved ones, my prayers and thoughts are with you.
- kwk

My sister was murdered in 2008, I would like to dedicate this candle to honor her memory. She will be forever missed and always in our minds.

It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of snushine.
- qAJMO from tzUYU

2011 Dedications

My heart goes out to all the families out there. You will never be alone in your struggle. Your loss is my loss. Your grief is my grief. I am honoured to stand beside you in your fight for justice. Marsee!
- JBL from NWAC

Thinking of those family members left behind, especially today.
- Kat

My thoughts are will you, god bless.

To all the women and girls out there, you are not alone, we are with you and will be your voice until the violence against Aboriginal women and girls ends.
- TD from AI

To all Aboriginal women and girls that have lost their precious lives because of violence. May they rest in peace.
- cds from nwac

You are not alone, we are all Sisters In Spirit!
- LG

For Mom & Aunt Lur

You are not forgotten.

I remember. Your Love, your Smile, your Being. I pray for your safety and comfort. I miss you and I love you
- SD from BCNWA

lights will guide you home
- SSG77 from AILAC

Dorothy Anne Spence always loved and never forgotten

for all the missing and murdered aboriginal women and for their grieving families who mourn the loss of their sister, mother, aunty, grandmother, niece, daughter, cousin.

I light this candle for Ruth Cox. May we find justice and truth for you so that your spirit may rest easy.
- JRG from SIS

To all those women.
- MP

Today I am sharing my mom's life story, Mary Jean Kreiser (St. Saveur) Missing since 1987. DOB Sept. 12, 1938 Born in Wabasca, Alberta, Bigstone Cree Nation. Miss you everyday! Love Lorna (daughter)
- Lorna from NWAC

Strong, beautiful, power--I am woman
- cbc

I'd like to dedicate this to Bab Houle, mother of Cherisse Houle, found murdered July 2009. It is not easy on those left behind, I feel for those mothers of daughters that are missing.
- MS from NCWC

- KM from WFJ

to all our women that have died. you are not just women you have carried us the men of your nations made us the warriors we are today because the women have carried on our nations and carried the future generations. in this we shall remember our women.
- AD

to all women in the world
- W from WFP

Thoughts and prayers and action! You will not be forgotten or ignored!

By joining together, our strengh is magnified. Remember the missing so they may be found.

My daughter Amber Alyssa Tuccaro has been missing for 13 months and I pray that she safe, will call or come home!!
- vt

Women of the world, unite - and a powerful flame we shall ignite...

Prayers to liberate the Spirits of our sisters who are asking us to do so.
- EH from NWAC

We are dedicated to finding you and bring you peace and love
- CL from MWC

Much love and prayers for your spirit to live on and hope you will be returned to your loved ones
- LC from MWC

We want the VIOLENCE to end… We want the MISSING to be found… We want JUSTICE and ACCOUNTABILITY… We want to walk with SAFETY & DIGNITY in OUR communities
- AE from SSAM

I light this candle to honour the courage of Barb Houle who spoke to us at the Annual General Meeting of the National Council of Women in Winnipeg in June about her own daugher, who was senselessly murdered.
- MHF from NCWC

Praying for the safe return of Maisy and Shannon of Kitigan Zibi
- TM

Kitci Mama and M'man, I think of you often. I miss you so much :(
- K... from CMHA


WE will find out what has happened to our women...some day with God's guidance clues will turn up.
- BMac

When deep injury is done to us we only recover when we forgive. So I forgive, and remember your beautiful spirit.

Walking a mile with you, sharing your tears, my Sisters in Spirit,

Mom, tonight I attended a vigil that you might have wanted to be part of. You were there with me. I feel blessed to have had you as my Mother. I love you.
- Elise

give us strength to go on and remember those we have lost
- sm

Dear Creator, Today I send love and light to all the families who are grieving. I honour and acknowledge all those who are in the Spirit World and I ask you to protect our women, children and families who are still walk this Earth. Thank You -. Welalioq
- TE from NWAC

No more stolen sisters!
- MC

In memory of Helyna, thinking of u always. <3
- HR

For all the beautiful women that have been murdered and missing I think and pray for you all. Remebering all the women from North Eastern B.C. gone but never forgotten!
- mh

My heartfelt prayers go out to all that have lost a loved one. You will never be forgotten
- JMak from NWAT

Sending prayers and warm thoughts out to those who are missing a loved one, a friend, and a community member. My heart goes out to those missing...
- RS

We are blessed to have a day where we can come together and share our stories, our strength, our courage and our support for others.

Remembering my mother, and all those still missing. Keep hope alive.
- LW from SKSIS

To all those waiting to come home.
- love

- MM

miss you Anja
- Mjr

I pray to God all the time. In my prayers, I always ask God to be there for those who need him. I ask God to shelter those who are in pain and to protect those who are suffering. Amen.

- EN

I pray they rest in peace!
- v.f

Mamaweotaimow, sawithiminan.
- B. d. from Wecih

To all of us who have been touched by this tragedy.

never forget, always love

Our Support, Prayers and Thoughts are with All of Your Families. It is time to let the Healing Journey begin for Your Loved Ones who have been shadowed by your loss. Dedicated to All the Stolen Sisters and Their Families Who Wait~ Love and Prayers to All.

The more I read your thoughts, the oclser I get to you. Strange, and yet natural as life itself. We might live miles apart, but still share a common soul.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
- RfdaI from dTtrT

I lost my mother Mary Ella Jane Corbiere to Murder.She was found November 15th 2010 about six weeks after she went missing.I hope all of you will get cl-osier or be reunited with the lost family member!

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